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Video Guard provides the most secure video protection solutions. Encrypted videos are safe from copy , screen capture, sharing and unauthorized distribution.

protect video and audio files in iphone ios

Considering that many friends ask questions about locking educational content on iPhone phones, I am writing this article to give some explanations as to why the Videoguard program does not support the iOS version.
There are two main reasons that hinder the creation of a project that can prevent the copying of educational products inside iPhones that usually use the iOS operating system.
The first reason: one of the simple solutions for copying educational products is screen recording by screen record softwares. Due to the structure of the iOS operating system and the fact that there is no function to let the operating system know that this is a security program and you should not allow screen recording, it is not possible to prevent the screen recording of the phone that uses the iOS operating system so easily. For example, even the secure chat section of the Telegram program or other similar programs can be easily recorded or taken a screenshot by an iPhone.

The second reason: Apple likes very much that when it introduces a new phone to the market, old customers have to sell their phone and buy the new model. Therefore, if you have a phone that supports iOS 14, you cannot install apps that were designed for iOS 9. And vice versa, you can't install apps related to iOS 9 even though your phone is newer.
This issue makes us, if we want to provide a version that supports iPhone phones, have to design the program only for the latest version of iOS, which is usually iOS 16, and many people who have lower versions will not be able to use the program. And if we want to offer the program for lower versions, the problem we will face is that many of the functions we use for the security of our software may not actually be applicable in lower versions.

But in the case of Android, these two problems do not exist, and by installing the Android version of Video Guard in Android version 5 (very old) to the latest version, you can run and use the program without the slightest difference in performance.