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Video Guard provides the most secure video protection solutions. Encrypted video & pdf files are safe from copy , screen capture, sharing and unauthorized distribution.

How to avoid taking screenshots of copy-protected content?

Do you want to ban competitors or even your users from taking screenshots of protected content? Well, here's the solution! You can use the methods listed below to disable the PrtScn key options, the Snipping tool, and some external tools to protect your data for Windows and Android.

With the rise of theft and copying of content, privacy has become a major concern for many content providers. In fact, it has become a big reason for trading losses. Therefore, owners of educational resources must have control over the information that people can share through screenshots or any other method such as copy paste, screen capture, etc.
Today, there are many applications, software, and tools to disable screen recorders and prevent screenshots. These tools use complex encryption algorithms to prevent your content from being redistributed.
In this article, we'll discuss the top 3 ways to avoid screen shots from your protected content.
Look, there are a lot of things and software that you need to know to avoid recording. Today، the web is a public place، and stealing valuable information is very easy and common. Most competitors take pictures of content and post them on their site. This is obvious and it's time to take steps to avoid getting images from your content.

Distribute PDF files protected against being copied to customers

Sometimes you want to share or even sell PDF files or ebooks online. This is when you need to secure your files so that no one can access، copy، or redistribute them without your permission. You can limit the number of presentations or set a password for the file. Even then، there's a high chance that someone will do the file imaging. Here programs that prevent screen shot blockers play an important role. Now you can easily distribute copy-protected PDF files to others without worrying about people stealing your content.
The process of online education through video content has increased. Most people are familiar with sharing via YouTube or social media. Hence, you want to ban people from taking pictures of your content. Hence, preventing the theft of educational videos has become a growing concern. Therefore، DRM-style protection is important for encrypting your videos so that no one can share them، take screenshots and distribute or sell them to friends.
Using screenshots is a common feature for taking pictures on Windows and Android. However, users may also choose to take screenshots using third-party software.
You can ask your web developer to enter HTML CSS code or make it difficult for the user by inserting JavaScript code to avoid taking images using the PrtScr button. On the other hand, tools can monitor the clipboard and the PrtScn button and when the button is pressed, the activation tool disables the action taken.
It is also very common among people to get screen records through third-party software. Software such as NinjaRMM, SuperOps RMM, N-able RMM, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, Paessler PRTG, Site24x7 Windows Monitoring, etc. can be used to monitor the Windows system and the action of the clipboard. So that whenever someone takes a screenshot، the software is activated to stop the action and disables it. Or some software even uses screen blurring to prevent screenshots.
SnagIt، Nimbus and Light Shot are some popular software for capturing screen captures، you can disable them by blocking the system API or APIs related to screenshot features.

Disadvantages of the screenshot prevention tools

Undoubtedly, image prevention tools are effective in solving your privacy concerns. However, there are also disadvantages to using these tools. .
The biggest concern is that you can't have full control over screenshot prevention tools, even if you use them, these tools can't ensure that your data or video won't be captured. You can't stop people from taking pictures with their cell phone cameras, even if you've spent money on high-quality gadgets or software.
Therefore, taking photos and videos cannot be completely stopped.

Why is Video Guard the best tool for stopping record screens and taking photos from PDFs and videos?

Despite the many tools available, video guard is the best protection software provided by DRM to stop the record screen and take screenshots because of the features.
First، it's very simple to use. Anyone can easily understand it in a few minutes. This allows you to restrict the permission of the user who can play videos. You can also set a deadline to watch the video. In addition, it asks the user to provide correct credentials for the login.
The software detects any screen capture software and immediately blocks it. In addition, you can also set an expiration date and limit the number of times a user can watch the video according to the time and date.
The software supports different formats, no matter what format your video is running in, whether MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, MTK and other media files.
If you have multiple PDFs، it can run them with one activation. It also allows document encryption regardless of file length or size. Several built-in protection features prevent anyone from copying content.
We hope this article has helped you prevent users from taking pictures of your protected content. Try it now!