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Video Guard provides the most secure video & pdf protection solutions. Encrypted video & pdf files are safe from copy , screen capture, sharing and unauthorized distribution.

About us

We are proud that after years of activity in the local market (since 2006) we have been able to enter the global arena. Our job is to protect educational videos against illegal copying.
We know that after spending a lot of time and money, you have produced a product that is very valuable to you. Now, the solutions to protect your products are in our hands. The best soulution to prevent your videos againts sharing and screen capturing. We stand from hackers.

Hardware Identification

Users will be able to install and use the player only in a limited number of their personal systems.

Automatic Activation

Users are automatically allowed to play and watch videos after entering their unique serial number. They do not need to contact you again for registration.

Dedicated Video player

Videos after encryption can only played with a dedicated video player on Windows and Android. common video players will not be able to play encrypted videos.

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Single User Activation

Dedicated Player

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Anti Screen Record

Anti Debug

Anti-Virtual Machine


Video Audio Protection

Watermark Serial Number

Collect Users Information

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What We Present in Video Guard

With Video Guard, you can encrypt your videos in the shortest time and sell them safely on any type of platform. Selling files on the Internet, CDs, DVDs, USB-disks is unobstructed.Locked videos can be played both offline and online. Online streaming is possible by uploading files on your own host.

Your videos will be restricted by using unique serial numbers to run on the customer devices. Each serial number is specific to a device and to a specific user. Each serial number will be deactivated for later use after activating the user device.

The procedure is very simple. Only dedicated player can play encrypted videos. The user needs the specific serial number of each video product to play. Also, if you predefine with a serial number, several related videos can be activated.

During the activation process, the user's information (as their last name, email-address and contact numbers) are saved and you can view and extract them from the customer panel.

The name of Video Guard is not mentioned in any of the Windows and Android player software. This makes it unclear what software your product is locked with. other brands display their brand name on the player. If their lock is broken, all customers will be identified and harmed.

Video Guard does not charge you an annual fee. You will only pay for the serial number You don't need to DRM hosting to use Video Card

Anti-Screen Recording

One of the simplest ways to copy video products is to capture the monitor screens by screen recording software (Camtasia, Snagit, etc...). Video Guard has the ability to detect and prevent the activity of such software.

  • Identify and disrupt screen capture programs
  • The output of the recording video will be black

Video Guard can identify software that intends to record video while running and prevent copying of your videos by interfering with their program performance.

Anti-Virtual Machine

Some users use virtual machine software to simulate a device and share the simulated file of that device using just one serial number and share the instructional video on several devices.

Dedicated player of Video Guard detects any abuse through virtual machine software and prevents the execution of videos on virtual operating systems.

Watermark Serial Number

During video playback, the user's serial number is circulated on the screen as a watermark. In this case, even if a user intends to record from the monitor with a mobile phone, you can find that person through the serial number.

User information is received during activation and is available to you in customer panel. You can also write down in advance to whom you gave each serial number to identify the culprit in case of violation.

Ability To Disable Devices

For some reason you may want to restrict the user from using the videos. Even after activating the user, you can limit a specific serial number through the customer panel and deactivate it remotely from the customer device.


Video Guard can detect programs that are detected as dangerous and prevent certain programs from running while Video Guard player is running.

The anti-debug section also prevents remote desktop applications from running like any desk.


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Introducing some of our best and most experienced customers.

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Serial numbers

Serial numbers

Serial numbers

Vahid Soufi

Windows Programing

Develop and design the software part of the project to run on the Windows operating system using C# Programing language

Vahid Soufi

Web Design

Design and develop website using php, mysql, javascript, ajax, css, html, bootstrap

Vahid Soufi

Andriod programming

Develop and design the software part of the project to run on Android operating system using (C# Xamarin)


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