Prevent copying and printing of PDF files Video Guard

Video Guard provides the most secure PDF protection solutions. Encrypted PDF files are safe from copy , screen capture, sharing and unauthorized distribution.

Don't worry about copying PDF files anymore

Do you need a software to lock your PDF files? Using Videoguard software, you can license PDF files so that each person can use it only on one device. Encrypted files can be run on Windows computers and Android phones.
After locking the PDF files, users open the files by installing a special reader software and entering the serial number that you provide.
Each serial number will be for activation of one device. As a result, your files will be unshareable and someone who does not have a valid serial number will not be able to open the files.

Prevent printing and copying of PDF

After locking PDFs, users cannot print from it or copy and paste its content.
It will also be impossible to record the screen and take a screenshot from PDF files.

Fastest PDF locking software

The encryption process will be very fast. Just open the panel and then download the encryption software from inside the panel.
After that, you select the folder where your PDFs are located and the encryption software will encrypt all of them for you in a very short time.
If you need each PDF file to be encrypted separately and the user needs a separate serial number to open it, select and encrypt the files one by one.

how to password protect PDF files

Using Videoguard software, your PDFs will be password protected. A unique password is issued for each person, which can only be used on one device. Don't worry about people sharing passwords and files anymore.
Videoguard guarantees you the highest security for selling PDF files.